Do you know what the season of your big day says about you?

when to get married - what it says about you

when to get married - what it says about you

Your wedding season is extremely important – not only will it dictate the flowers, the food, and even the décor of your Big Day, but it can also say a lot about you as a couple. What exactly does your wedding season say about you? We have some tips – so read on and learn more.

·       Are you a spring bride? You believe in rejuvenation and you’re packed with positive energy any time of the year. You are a natural wedding planner, and this is one of the main reasons you may adventure yourself towards more intricate wedding ideas.

·       Are you a summer bride? You are bubbly and extroverted, you like being around the people you love, and, most of the times, you are the very soul of the parties you organize and attend. This is precisely why your wedding will be hugely fun too!

·       Are you a fall bride? Well, you don’t care much about tradition and everything it “dictates”.  You do things your own way and you like it like this. You’re prepared to be completely unique with your wedding décor and ideas – and your guests are most likely going to be kept on their toes too.

·       Are you a winter bride? We understand how the magnificent landscape of this splendid season would bewitch a couple. More than that though, you believe in being a genuinely good friend – and you believe in family values. Your wedding will be classy, unforgettable, and very much inspired by fairytales.


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