Choose a classy color palette for your big day

Wedding Color Schemes

Wedding Color Schemes

Colors have truly amazing powers – so it is very important that you choose the right color palette for your big day. How do you do that, and what are some of the prettiest, classiest and most timeless wedding color combinations? We have gathered some ideas to inspire you right below – so read on and find out more.

·       Black and white. There’s literally no other color palette more timeless or more versatile than this – whether it is weddings, corporate events, birthdays or just every day fashion you are thinking of. If you want to make it a bit livelier, you can always add a pop of color into the mix and it will always work perfectly!

·       Red and gold. The passion and warmth of red and the preciousness of gold look splendid together – and you will see this most frequently in Indian weddings, but it can be totally pulled off in any other type of wedding as well.  Perfect for a couple who wants a dash of glamor sprinkled into their big day! PS: if you want to tone it down a bit, you can always settle on a red and silver combo – it will look just as precious and elegant!

·       Lavender and sage. Muted and calm, but utterly beautiful and elegant, lavender and sage shades are ideal for a classy spring wedding. Plus, this gives you the opportunity to incorporate actual lavender into your wedding – can you imagine how amazing your big day will smell then?

·       Purple and turquoise. This combination is full of life, youthfulness and energy – and it somehow manages to stay classy as well. It’s a really great color palette for a summer wedding!

Photo source: jit bag