Perfect dresses for your bridesmaids

Bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaid dresses

As the bride, you want your bridesmaids to reflect your style and elegance in the way they dress. How do you choose really pretty dresses for these special ladies, though? We have gathered some of the most popular bridesmaids’ dresses trends of the year – so read on if you need to search for a bit of inspiration.

·       One-shoulder dresses. Sexy and feminine at the same time, one-shoulder bridesmaids’ dresses have been tremendously popular on the catwalk. If you want to make your best friends feel very spring-like and beautiful, this type of design will definitely complement them.

·       Cotton lace. Delicate, but strong and beautiful, cotton lace is ideal for spring weddings. Not only is the design of the pattern very in tune with the season outside, but the very fabric used for this type of dress is perfect for the spring weather as well.

·       Sheer fabric. Want to make your bridesmaids look whimsically stylish and elegant? Sheer fabrics will help them achieve that superb ethereal vibe all brides love – so why not give your bridesmaids the option to pick a dress that falls into this category?

·       Two-piece. Nobody said your bridesmaids have to wear an actual dress. After all, your weddings – your rules, right? Well, if you want your bridesmaids to stand out and send a powerful fashion statement, search for two-piece combinations that look good on them (and with your wedding). For instance, a simple mid-length skirt and an off-the-shoulder crop top can look absolutely breathtaking on a bridesmaid!


Photo source: nparekhcards