Have you considered renting your wedding dress?

Renting a wedding dress

Renting a wedding dress

Naturally, you want to look drop-dead-gorgeous on your wedding day. And while wearing a pretty dress is definitely part of the “deal”, it is also important to consider all of your options before settling on the final one. For example, have you ever considered renting your wedding gown? If not, here are some of the things you might want to keep in mind:

·       It’s cost savvy – and from multiple points of view. First of all, you will not have to spend a small fortune on a dress you will wear once. Furthermore, most rental companies throw in extras with their wedding gowns – so you will not have to pay for the shoes, wedding veil, or other accessories they may be willing to provide you with. Last, but definitely not least, renting your wedding dress also means you can actually wear a superb designer gown for a small price.

·       Renting a dress is also less stressful, from certain points of view at least. For instance, you will not have to worry about having to store the dress after the wedding. Likewise, you will not have to worry about transporting your dress to your destination wedding (especially since a lot of salons offer rental options too, so you can do this at your destination).

·       At the same time, you should also consider the cons of renting the wedding dress. You will have fewer options, both in terms of design and in terms of sizing, and you will not be able to keep this as a memory of the most beautiful day of your life. What’s more, spilling wine or ruining the gown in any way will always mean paying (a lot) more than you initially planned.


Photo source: flickr.com/ Sean Davis