Choose the right setting for your wedding

chose the perfect venue for your wedding

chose the perfect venue for your wedding

Creating the perfect setting for your Big Day is of the utmost importance – especially if you want this special event to mirror your own style and the story that stands behind the big “I Do”.

How to choose the right setting for your wedding? Here are some tips to help you with this.

·       Want to have a large, fabulously glamorous wedding? The best location for this type of event is, of course, a ballroom. However, keep in mind that you don’t have to stick with the traditional look of a ballroom too (e.g. you can ditch the round tables for the long, family-style ones, you can drape the space, you can add special lighting, and so on).

·       If you are the type of couple who wants a smaller wedding, having it in a small restaurant or venue is a really amazing solution. To make this space feel more personal and cozier, remember to add proper lighting into the décor (ideally, candles will create a very warm, romantic vibe). Furthermore, it is also recommended to personalize the space with your own curtains, elements that represent you and your loved one, and flowers that are complementary to the décor.

·       Last, but definitely not least, if you want to have an outdoor wedding, be sure to put your guests’ comfort before anything else. From their seats to the temperature of the space and to the availability of bug repellents, you should ensure nothing misses from the “perfect evening mix”. Also, it would be best if you delimitated the space a little – such as by setting up a tent, or some drapes to make the space feel cozier and more personal.


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