Top things your wedding guests will dislike

Things your wedding guests won't like

Things your wedding guests won't like

Nobody wants their wedding guests to have an awful time – and you make no exception whatsoever. In fact, you want your guests to have the time of their lives, and while you are definitely free to create your own dream wedding, it is also important to be considerate of what they want.

Not sure which are the top things your wedding guests will dislike? Read on and find out more.

·       Receiving lines. Let’s admit it: receiving lines are polite and “appropriate”, but they can be really boring and they can waste precious party time. If you must see each of your guests, try to take a room tour once they’re all set in and to thank each table of guests for having attended the big day.

·       Three-day weekend wedding. Yes, three-day weekends may seem like an amazing idea for a wedding – but the absolute truth is that most of your guests will have other plans for their mini-vacations. If you absolutely must have your wedding on a three-day weekend, try to let people know long ahead of time.

·       Bad and incomplete directions. Your out-of-town guests need you to provide them with the very best directions to the venue. Be sure to bring everything together: maps, indications, landmarks that might appear along the way, GPS coordinates, and so on. Also, it is probably a very good idea to have your directions tested by someone who doesn’t know the city yet, so that you can see where you’re wrong and how to edit the directions themselves.



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