Décor inspiration for your wedding

Decor for your wedding

Decor for your wedding

The success of a wedding relies on a lot of factors – but one of the most important ones is the ambiance you create for your guests. Of course, your wedding décor is a huge part of this!

How do you decorate your big day in a stylish, beautiful, and personal way? We have some wonderful ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

·       Hanging flowers or umbrellas (your choice!). If you want to make your wedding venue feel comfier and cozier, hang florals from the ceiling. They will add a lot more intimacy to the room, and they will also be a wonderful way to complement the entire décor. If you want a more playful approach to this idea, hang opened umbrellas upside-down – they will add so much color to the mix!

·       Family-style dinner. Looking for ways to make your wedding feel comfier? Replace the traditional seated meal with a family-style dinner. Long, rectangular tables are perfect for passing around the different dishes – and they push guests to socialize more with one another too. Perfect for an outdoor summer wedding!

·       Greenery. If you got tired of the old-fashioned roses and peonies, switch to… greenery. What was once considered to be just a complement to the actual floral arrangements is now a piece of décor in its own right – so don’t hesitate to go above and beyond with the greenery.

·       Patterned table linens. A patterned table linen can change the entire appearance of your wedding tables – so don’t be afraid to play around and add a bit of color and uniqueness to your décor.

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Photo source: flickr.com/ askmir