Did You Know These Wedding Flower Tips?

Tips for wedding flowers

Tips for wedding flowers

Beautiful florals have always been quite the important wedding décor element. However, regardless of whether you want stunning roses or delicate daisies, you will definitely realize that wedding flowers cost quite a lot.

How to save money and still have a truly beautiful-looking wedding day? Here are some wedding flower tips all couples should know:

·       Go green. Perfect for spring and summer weddings, greenery-based arrangements are unique, fresh, and full of life. You can either replace the majority of your blooms with greenery, or, if you want to go all the way, you can always replace all flowers with different types of greenery arranged in a unique and beautiful manner. Either way, it will look gorgeous!

·       Go simple. Want to achieve a really elegant wedding décor? The simpler, the better – because, as everyone knows it, less is always more. Stick to smaller, simpler flowers grown locally and which are widely available in your wedding season. You will save yourself the trouble of paying for imported wedding flowers and ultra-sophisticated arrangements!

·       Go space-savvy. There’s absolutely no point in investing hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the flowers you will use with your cocktail hour space – especially since most guests will not spend more than 30-60 minutes there. Focus on your ceremony and reception spaces instead, so that you create the kind of ambiance every single guest will love.

·       Use candles. Beautiful candles are always cheaper than flowers – so don’t hesitate to make great use of them. Combined with blooms and greenery, candles can add a lot of light and beauty to your entire wedding décor.