Your Flower Girl

Who Can Be Your Flower Girl?

Who Can Be Your Flower Girl?

These days, it is not absolutely necessary to have a flower girl that walks down the aisle before you do. However, it can definitely be a nice addition to your Big Day – depending on who you choose for this, the micro-moment could be adorable, fun, unique and sentimental.

Are you allowed to choose just about anyone as your flower girl? Well, we have some modern etiquette tips for you – so continue reading if you want to learn more about this.

·       In short, yes, anyone can be your flower girl – and no, it doesn’t even have to be a girl (because nowadays, it is completely acceptable to have a flower boy, as well as a girl ring bearer). It’s entirely up to you!

·       In terms of the age your flower girl should have, there are no set rules either. Of course, you can choose to take the traditional path and choose a very cute, young lady to toss flower petals as she walks down the aisle.

·       At the same time though, this role can be given to someone who is important to you, but isn’t part of the bridesmaids’ crew. For instance, if you have a pre-teen or teenager cousin you really love, she could be your flower girl (or junior bridesmaid, if you wish). At the same time, your mother, your grandmother and your auntie can also be flower girls – they will look more than amazing walking down the aisle and setting the positive vibes for your own entrance.