Wedding Planning Difficulty

Why Is Wedding Planning Difficult?

Why Is Wedding Planning Difficult?

As you may have heard it and read it before, wedding planning is not even by far the easiest thing to do – so much so that most people would definitely say it falls under the top 3 most stressful times in their lives.

Why is it so hard, though? What makes wedding planning a less-than-smooth path to that one day of bliss and happiness? We have some tips for you – so read on and be prepared.

·       Making parents happy. Like it or not, your parents are a big part of the Big Day – and even if they don’t necessarily contribute financially, you will still want them to be happy and proud of their baby daughter and baby boy as they tie the knot. Making them happy and sticking to your own style, plan, and guest list might be a bit more difficult than you originally thought – but the key here is to treat everything with the utmost diplomacy.

·       Creating the seating arrangement – especially when there are divorcees in your guest list. It might seem very simple to just seat people at tables – but when you want to make sure everyone will socialize and be happy with their “table neighbors”, things get a little more tangled. Be patient, visualize everything and seat people to each other when you know they do get along!

·       Money matters. This is by far one of the stingiest issues brides and grooms face when planning their wedding. With the high cost of a wedding nowadays and with the limited resources most couples have, sticking to a clear budget is key for your happiness.

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