Mailing Your Wedding Invitations, Everything You Should Know about It

wedding invitations

wedding invitations

Of course, you want your guests to genuinely love the invitations you send them – especially since this is the first contact they will make with your wedding. However, beyond design and calligraphy, you should also consider the way in which you actually mail the invitations. To help you with this, we have gathered some of the most important things to know about it – so read on and make sure your wedding invitations reach their destination in one piece!

·       Don’t lick the envelopes. You might have seen this in the movies and you might do this with regular old-school envelopes, but when it comes to your wedding invitations you should really skip the habit and use glue. Not only will this help you avoid the nasty taste and paper cuts, but it will also help you ensure the invitations stay glued throughout the mailing process.

·       Square or odd-shaped envelopes? Not a good idea for budget-savvy couples. Rectangular-shaped envelopes will be charged at a normal rate, but anything odd-shaped will be charged more (so you can skip the “unique element” for the shape of the invitations and focus on the numerous other special elements you can add to the suite and its design).

·       Send them from the inside the post office. Dropping the envelopes in a mailbox may not be a good idea because they might get damaged this way. Also, do make sure to ask the post office to hand cancel the stamps instead of sorting them automatically (which can damage them too).