Best Summer Wedding Inspirational Ideas

Weddings in the summer!

Weddings in the summer!

Summer weddings are still happening – and if you’re planning your own amazing summer Big Day, you surely want it to be perfect from all points of view. Of course, the aesthetics play a hugely important role in everything – but how do you create the kind of summer wedding every single guest invited will always remember?

We have some of the prettiest ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

·       Colorful fans. Want to make sure everyone is really comfortable during the ceremony? Provide them with really gorgeous colorful paper fans right before the ceremony starts. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your color scheme for a bit – it will add a pop of color and uniqueness to the entire Big Day!

·       Florals hanging…upside down. Want to decorate your outdoor wedding tables in a really fantastic way? Create lush, summery flower arrangements and hang them right above the wedding tables, but upside down. Talk to your florist about this and you will surely find a solution that looks wonderful and complements your summer wedding vibes!

·       Summer cocktails. Go beyond classic pineapple and coconut-based cocktails at your wedding – plan something that will truly delight your guests’ senses and keep them cool throughout the Big Day. For instance, you could create a signature cocktail that incorporates a popsicle in each glass – and you could do the same for the non-alcoholic version too. People will just LOVE these cocktails and the way they ward off summer heat!