Grooms Usually Have These Questions about Their Wedding Speeches

Wedding speeches

Wedding speeches

Giving a wedding speech can feel terrifying, regardless of whether you are an introvert or an extrovert. Truth be told, this is a huge moment in your life – and the pressure of the event will definitely add up to the pressure of delivering a piece of public speaking.

What are some of the most usual questions grooms have when it comes to their wedding speeches? We have gathered them (and the answers!) right below – so read on if you want to find out more.

·       What happens if you don’t like the bridesmaids very much? Sure, it’s your future wife’s choice to have certain ladies by her side on the Big Day. But this shouldn’t stop you from delivering an amazing video. You can mention the ladies, but you don’t have to say much about them. Focus on the bride and on the amazing love story that brought you together and up to this point.

·       What happens if your dad or anyone else makes fun of you? Their intentions are great, as they want to spice things up and break the ice – but if you are afraid of public speaking, this can feel like a real humiliation. If you know your dad is likely to crack a joke during your speech, and if you can actually “foresee” the type of joke he will make, prepare a sweet and funny comeback –your

·       Do you have to mention the Best Man? Yes, you can mention the Best Man – but don’t linger too much here. As mentioned before, you and your loved one should take the center stage!