Engaged? Make These Resolutions for your wedding!

some things to do on your to-do list for brides this year

some things to do on your to-do list for brides this year

As the beginning of a new year knocks on our doors, many of us want to be better. Aside from going to the gym, losing weight, and all the other “classic” resolutions, it would be amazing if more of us promised to be better together as well – and this is especially true for couples heading towards marriage.

What are some of the best resolutions you could make as an engaged couple? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·       Spend more time together. You’re about to build the foundation of a family – so spending time together should definitely be on the top of your priority list. And no, “time together” does not mean you should spend time planning the Big Day, but doing things you both enjoy – whether that’s traveling or simply binge-watching your favorite show together. Leave the wedding planning stress aside at least once/week and spend your hours simply enjoying each other’s presence – it’s priceless!

·       Surprise each other. It doesn’t have to be “tickets to Rome”. It can be your future spouse’s favorite chocolate, or a sweet surprise date night you spend cooking delicious food, drinking good wine, and just talking to each other. It is moments like these that make couples feel truly happy with each other!

·       Communicate more. We cannot emphasize this enough: communication is the key to a healthy, long, happy relationship. Communicate about your daily ups and downs, about the wedding planning, about your plans for the future. Communicate with each other, rather than holding it back – it will make you stronger as a couple and happier as individuals!