Try Not to Set Your Wedding on These 2018 Dates

popular wedding dates

popular wedding dates

As you very well know it, setting the wedding date is one of the first and foremost important steps in planning the perfect Big Day. Of course, you want to choose a date that’s convenient and meaningful for you – but does that mean all dates in 2018 are a great idea?

We have some suggestions for you in this respect – so read on if you want to find out more.

·       There are some wedding dates you might want to avoid because they can either be very expensive or because they might be extremely busy (especially if you plan on having your wedding in a touristic area).

·       For instance, you will want to avoid setting your wedding on the same day or very close to other events – career-related events, other weddings, and so on.

·       Furthermore, you might want to avoid National Holidays and Weekend Holidays too. They may seem a great idea because they provide you and your guests with more time, but in reality, there’s a very big chance many of your guests won’t be able to actually attend the Big Day (because they have already made other plans).

Last, but not least, our advice is to avoid religious holidays too. Not only will they land you on the more expensive range, but they will most likely lower the number of guests available for the Big Day too. If you have guests who observe a different religion than yours, remember to take their big holidays into consideration too.