What You Should Know about Your Siblings-in-Law and Etiquette

Wedding Etiquette

Wedding Etiquette

Family relationships can be really complex, especially for a couple who’s about to get married and unite their families. Likewise, wedding etiquette in general can be quite complicated too – so it’s understandable if you’re confused about what you should or shouldn’t do in terms of your relationship with your future family.

What is it that you should know about your siblings-in-law and the wedding etiquette connected to them? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

· Do I have to include them in the wedding party? Yes, most definitely yes. Of course, you’re free to do whatever you want given that this is your Big Day. However, keep in mind that your future siblings-in-law will be part of your family – and even if you don’t like them that much or you aren’t friends with them, you should maintain cordial relationships with them. Asking them to be in the wedding party is a first step towards that.

· Do they have to be involved in the planning? Yes, if they want to help, give them one or two tasks. That isn’t to say you should allow them to take over your wedding planning – if you feel they’re too aggressive, talk to your future spouse and ask them to step in and have a kind, polite conversation with their siblings. If they don’t want to be involved in the planning, don’t push them too much – it can only lead to more stress and negative feelings.

· Do I have to postpone the wedding date if they have an important event they didn’t know of when I set the date? No, you shouldn’t. If, for example, your future sister-in-law is pregnant and due a couple of weeks after the wedding, you shouldn’t postpone the wedding. However, do expect that they might not be able to make it to the Big Day.

· Do I have to talk to my brother-in-law about potential embarrassing situations (e.g. a slurry speech)? That depends on how well you know them or how likely that is to happen. If you feel that something embarrassing could happen, ask your spouse to discuss things with their brother(s).

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