Top Trends for 2019 Brides and Grooms

Wedding trends in 2019

Wedding trends in 2019

With November right around the corner, we’re all getting ready to step into a whole new year filled with love, beauty, and, well, weddings.

Of course, if you plan on having your wedding next year, you want to borrow some of the most interesting wedding trends of 2019 and bring them into your Big Day in a way that reflects your personality and style.

Yet, what are these trends, more exactly? We have gathered some of them right below – so read on and find out more.

· Wedding gowns will have actual pockets! Sure, you might not want to stuff your blotting papers and lipstick there, but even so, pockets are always a nice addition. Not only are they useful and practical, but they can add such a modern and interesting touch to a wedding gown!

· Simplicity will also dominate the wedding gown world. Expect long, simple dresses made from quality fabrics (such as silk). Expect embroidery and detail work to hide away for a while and allow minimalism to take over for the weddings of 2019.

· The same rule will be applied in wedding makeup too. Barely there, ultra-natural makeup will be really popular with brides (so if you want to opt for something like this, it’s really important to prep your skin properly long before the wedding). And if you want something a little more glamorous than a super-natural makeup, you will be happy to learn that bold red lips will make a huge comeback too!

· Say good-bye to plastic. Sustainability should be everyone’s concern, all the time, not just when it’s trendy. In 2019, though, wedding designers will place this above anything else – so expect to see a very small amount of plastic incorporated in weddings. Natural materials will take over wedding décor for a change, adding a new dimension to your Big Day too.

· Colors, colors everywhere! Of course, nobody can take white and cream shades from weddings. But in 2019, you will most likely see a lot of new and exciting colors marching down the wedding aisle. Pinks will be there, but so will suave and energizing shades of orange.

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