Don’t Make These Wedding Etiquette Faux-Pas!

Wedding etiquette

Wedding etiquette

To err is human, but truth be told, when it comes to your New Mexico wedding, you want to err on the safe side, rather than upset anyone (e.g. your grandma).

What are some of the most common wedding etiquette faux-pas and why is it (still) important to be sure you don’t make these mistakes (even today, in 2018)?

Here are some tips for you:

· Don’t take too much time between the ceremony and the reception. Sure, you will be serving drinks and snacks during the Cocktail Hour, and guests will love the opportunity to catch up with old friends and relatives they haven’t seen in a while. However, you and your SO are the main “VIPs” at this party, so guests want to spend time with you. Don’t take more than one hour for your photo session between the ceremony and the reception if you don’t want to make guests feel uncomfortable.

· “Singles” tables are seldom a good idea. You may think you’re helping your single friends mix and mingle, but that’s not necessarily true. A special table just for them will just make them feel awkward (and maybe even “desperate”), so it’s unlikely that they will create any connection with another “single” this way.

· Be nice to your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Being a total “Bridezilla” (or “Groomzilla”) is not a good way to treat people who are your friends and who have invested time and financial resources into making you happy on your wedding day. Show your wedding party how much you appreciate them! Spend time with them! And, if possible, offer them a nice gift too.

· No matter how limited your budget may be, don’t ask guests to pay for their drinks. It’s far better to have a wine and beer bar only (or a wine, beer, and signature cocktail bar, if you want to), than to actually ask guests to pay for their drinks. They are paying for their transportation, for their accommodation, and they have also sent a gift – don’t ask them to pay for their drinks too!

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