Wondering about Cocktail Trends for Weddings Next Year? Here Are Some of the Best Ideas

Cocktails at your reception

Cocktails at your reception

You want your wedding to be more than a nice event – you want it to be memorable from every point of view. And for this purpose, you will definitely want to make sure your décor, your entertainment and your wedding menu and bar are truly unique.

What are some of the best ideas that will dominate the wedding cocktail world in 2019? We have gathered them right below – keep on reading and find your inspiration.

· Ditch the plastic. Wedding, like other parts of our lives, in 2019 are leaning towards a more green and eco-friendly approach –and your wedding bar will not “escape” this trend. If you want to make your Big Day feel friendlier to the world around us, opt for cocktails that don’t include plastic. You can replace inedible garnishes with edible ones, and plastic straws with natural or biodegradable options (e.g., paper or natural fibers like papaya leaf stems) that guests will love.

· Embrace fresh garnishes. Want to make your wedding cocktails feel truly natural and refreshing? Using herbs and fresh edible blooms as cocktail décor will most likely be a pretty huge trend in 2019 – and this is a truly wonderful opportunity to add a bit of that natural vibe into your Big Day.

· Go back to the classics. Of course, new, unique, and inventive cocktail ideas will continue to be appreciated – but as signature cocktails flourish in the wedding bartending world, some of the old-time classics will also make their room back into people’s preferences. In the end, a classic cocktail is the best way to make sure everyone at your wedding will genuinely enjoy their drink – from your uncle, to your younger brother!

· Source it locally. It doesn’t even matter the exact location of your wedding – wherever it may be, you will most likely be able to source at least one type of local drink. Wines and craft beers are the most popular category in this respect – and since they are bound to be part of your wedding bar selection one way or another, why not source them from local small businesses? People will surely appreciate it!

· Make it a DIY experience. Want to make your wedding bar feel even more entertaining? Create a DIY station focusing on one type of cocktail – such as Bloody Mary, Martini, or Mimosa. Provide guests with the basic ingredients and some popular garnishes and they will love mixing their own drink, according to their preferences!