Flower Symbolism You Should Definitely Keep in Mind

Flowers have meaning!

Flowers have meaning!

The beauty and grace of flowers will never cease to amaze us, and that might be one of the reasons these elements continue to be essential in most wedding planning efforts.

Of course, you want your flowers to look fresh and flawlessly brought together – but have you considered their symbolism too?

We have some tips to help you send the right message with your flowers.

· Tulips. If you plan on having a spring wedding, we recommend considering tulips for the wedding décor or bridal bouquet. Why? Aside from the fact that these flowers exude femininity and elegance, they are also a symbol of love and passion – so they truly make for the perfect wedding bloom.

· Orchids. It’s impossible not to love the huge variety of colors these flowers come in – they are downright astounding in so many ways! Even more, orchids stand for beauty, love, passion, and fertility – all of which are great symbols to associate with your wedding day. So, if you are searching for wedding flowers that feel luxurious and bright, this is the perfect option for you.

· Lilies. If you want your wedding blooms to really fill the air with their beautiful fragrance, lilies are among the best options. In terms of symbolism, lilies stand for majesty, luxury, truth, and honor – so they are a great choice to show your goals in your marriage.

· Daffodils. Joyful and pretty, these spring flowers make for a delicate addition to any wedding! Even more, their symbol is that of happiness and warm thoughts – so if you want to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere at your wedding, you should definitely consider these flowers.

· Carnations. Although frequently underrated, carnations can make for such stunning (and affordable!) wedding flower arrangements! Same as roses, each carnation color stands for a different symbol: the red ones are all about love (predictably so), the white ones signify talent, and the pink ones represent boldness. Lovely, right?

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