5 Things to Do Right After You Put a Ring on It

After you put the ring on

After you put the ring on

Congratulations on your engagement!

We know this is a huge moment in your life – and we know you want to do everything right, from the moment you put the ring on your finger to the moment you bid your wedding guests farewell.

What are some of the most important things to do right after the engagement? We have gathered some tips for you.

· Take a moment to relax and enjoy the moment. Really, you don’t have to jump right into the storm of it all. Take your time, take your fiancé out in the town and have a nice dinner. This is your moment to celebrate – you’re in this together and you deserve to party a little, just the two of you.

· Make your announcement. Before you go public (especially on social media), make sure you take some time to tell everyone close to you – your parents, your close relatives, your best friends, and so on, personally. They have the right to learn the big news before all the random people in your friend list on Facebook and Instagram.

· Buy insurance for your ring. It might seem like a needless extra cost, but it’s not very expensive and it can save you from a lot of pain and heartache if something were to happen to your ring. Depending on the exact contract you will sign, jewelry insurance can cover you in case of damage, loss, and even theft – and given the fact that this ring has very strong emotional value, insuring it will give you peace of mind.

· Plan your engagement party. You don’t have to plan something very large or extravagant – or you can go all out with a luxurious party, it’s entirely up to you. The key here is to invite people who are close to you – though probably not as many as you will invite to the wedding itself. Keep in mind though: whoever gets invited to the engagement party should absolutely be on the wedding guest list too!

· Start dreaming up your wedding. Pinterest boards, articles from magazines, mind-maps – use whatever methods you want to collect the best ideas for your dream wedding. Don’t limit yourself just yet – you will have plenty of time later on to trim down the list of ideas and only select those that suit your style, your story, and your budget.

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