Best Flower Trends for the Year

Flower trends for 2018

Flower trends for 2018

Flowers are a true staple in the wedding world. Fragile and beautiful, each with its own meaning, and an infinite combinations to make, wedding flowers are an important step in the wedding décor process.

What are some of the most fantastic flower trends for 2018 weddings? We have some tips for you – so read on if you need inspiration.

·       Moss. You may not think of moss as wedding-worthy, but designers have shown us that in 2018 even moss can become an elegant statement! Regardless of whether you choose to incorporate it in your wedding ceremony décor or create a monogram with it for the wedding cake table, moss will add that natural touch that looks so amazing when combined with elegant pieces. We love this idea!

·       Apricot peach and butter yellow-colored blooms. If you are looking for a pastel color that feels energizing and youthful at the same time, apricot peach is for you. If you want a lively, happiness-inducing color, try butter yellow. In both cases, you have plenty of flower options to fall in these color categories – ranging from chrysanthemums to peonies, Icelandic poppies, and Juliet roses. Fabulous!

·       Flower mandalas. Perfect for a summer wedding, flower mandalas have taken over the 2018 wedding trends – and oh, how pretty they look? Inspired by Indian mandalas, these flower arrangements are meaningful, beautiful, and really easy to pull off – you can use them for a beach wedding ceremony décor, or even for the wedding cake table at the reception. Plus, you can use whatever flowers you like, in whichever colors suit your wedding color scheme best!