Best Tips for Budget-Friendly Wedding Flowers

Budget wedding flowers

Budget wedding flowers

Your wedding flowers? Obviously, really important for a feminine, sweet, and romantic ambience at your wedding. However, spending a lot of money on your wedding flowers may not be an option for you – so what do you do then?

We have gathered some of the best tips for budget-friendly wedding flowers that look absolutely stunning – so read on and find out more.

·       Keep it simple. The simpler your wedding flower combinations are, the more likely it is that they won’t cost a fortune. For instance, you could create your bouquet with one or two types of flowers, and the boutonnieres and bridesmaids’ bouquets with just one of these blooms.

·       Add greenery. Lots of it. Really, greenery makes flower arrangements look absolutely stunning: refreshing, stylish, and more than well-suited for a spring or summer wedding. Not only is greenery less expensive than actual flowers, but it’s a huge trend as well, so you can really find a lot of inspirational sources on this!

·       Use candles. Same as greenery, candles will help you complement your flowers and create wedding centerpieces that look ultra-romantic and beautiful. Even the simplest white candles will add a lot of style and grace to your arrangements, so don’t be afraid to use it!

·       Use your space. Planning an outdoor wedding, backyard wedding, rustic wedding, vineyard wedding, or any other type of wedding that’s set in a location already very generous landscape-wise? Use less flowers in the areas that are naturally beautiful – as always, less really is more!