What Are the Most Important Rules of a Wedding Ceremony?

Wedding etiquette

Wedding etiquette

Wedding ceremonies are magical. They are filled with romance, emotion, and hope, and they make for memories neither the couple, nor the guests will ever forget.

What are some of the most important etiquette rules of a wedding ceremony? We have gathered them right below – so read on and find out more.

·       If you have decided not to receive anyone (aside from your mother and the bridal party) to your bridal suite, then make it happen. This is your right and people should respect it – after all, how would you be able to get ready if people would constantly come in and out of the suite? Put a sign on the door (“Mother of the Bride and Wedding Party only”), or ask a bridesmaid to “guard” the door and tell everyone you will be very happy to greet them after the ceremony. Also, do NOT make any exceptions if you have decided for this rule.

·       The ring bearer shouldn’t be older than 7, maximum 10 years old. So, if your future husband has a cousin who’s younger than everyone at the wedding, but older than a ring bearer, include him with the groomsmen (or as a “junior groomsman”).

·       If your father passed away, you can choose anyone else to “give you away” during the ceremony – or you can just walk down the aisle on your own, as being “given away” is not necessary these days. Also, you can definitely include a moment dedicated especially to your father – such as asking the officiant to say a few words or light a candle.