How to Plan a Beautiful Birds and Butterflies-Themed Wedding

Creating your themed wedding

Creating your themed wedding

With spring here, it was only natural that a lot of wedding designers got inspired by the gorgeous weather outside and the way Mother Nature herself has “designed” her own big event: the rejuvenation of everything.

Thus, the Birds and Butterflies wedding theme was born. Sweet and romantic, feminine and playful at the same time, this theme has already won the hearts of brides everywhere – and if you’re tempted by it too, you will definitely want to know how to pull it off the best way.

We have some tips to help you with this – read on and find out more.

·       Choose the right location. For this kind of wedding, location is key. You need an outdoor space with plenty of natural beauties, such as a flower garden, a meadow, or simply an outdoor wedding venue you can decorate with your own blooms (we would advise on finding something that already has plenty of flowers in the décor, so that you minimize the costs of your own wedding flowers).

·       Add the details. This kind of wedding theme is simple, low-key and really pretty, so you should definitely let your creativity run wild. Butterfly-shaped seating cards and “Bride” and “Groom” signs, a small butterfly accessory in your hair, a butterfly-themed bouquet wrap – these are the things that will bring your wedding theme to life.

·       As for the wedding party’s attires, you can always settle on simple colors that are coordinated with the wedding color scheme, and add accessories to suit the theme. For example, your bridesmaids could wear clutch purses with bird prints, and the groomsmen could incorporate a beautiful bird-shaped piece into their boutonnieres. How cute would that be, right?