Creating Your Wedding Website? Here Are the Top Tips to Keep in Mind!

Websites for your wedding

Websites for your wedding

Having a wedding website is so advantageous, and from so many points of view! It’s an easy way of communicating important details with your guests, an even easier way of centralizing information from them, and a truly great way of showing off your entire New Mexico wedding planning process. Plus, building a wedding website can be actually inexpensive (and even free) - so you really have all the reasons to love the idea.

What are some of the elements your wedding website should absolutely include? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·       Include an RSVP section. Gathering all of your RSVPs online, on your website, is a lot easier than gathering them on paper. Not only is it actually easier to centralize and count them, but it is actually a lot easier for guests to send them in as well – so you really have all the reasons to do it.

·       Include a registry. Including registry information on the invitation is a major faux-pas. However, this does NOT stand true for the wedding website too. In fact, it is completely recommended to include this on your website – especially if you have online stores you have registered to as well. It will make it so much easier for wedding guests to purchase and send the gift they have picked for you – and, of course, it will make it easier for them to make sure you will actually like the gift too.

·       Include maps and GPS coordinates. Making sure your guests can actually reach your wedding location is crucial – so remember to include a section to provide them with maps and GPS coordinates. If they’re on their smartphones, they will be easily able to just tap the coordinates and follow the instructions to find your wedding venue.

·       Make it personal. Same as everything wedding-related, your wedding website should feel personal and unique. Coordinate its design with that of your wedding invitations to make it look part of a “grander plan”. Also, remember to add a section with engagement photos, wedding sneak-peaks, and so on – it will make guests feel invested in your wedding and excited about the upcoming event.


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