Plan a Superb Backyard Wedding

Backyard weddings

Backyard weddings

Summer is almost here – and together with it, we’re all looking forward to see a lot of outdoor weddings happening. Of course, many types of New Mexico wedding venues offer outdoor options – but what if you want an intimate backyard wedding?

Well, they’re very popular these days – and you have all the reasons to settle on the idea too. Following, we have gathered some of the best backyard wedding planning ideas – so read on and find out more.

·       Location does not need to dictate your style. So, if you live in New Mexico, but want a wedding that’s more inspired by the bigger cities in the North, you can totally do it. The key here lies in making sure you bring together elements of both worlds: the heat and exotic touches of New Mexico, combined with the minimalist and timeless touches of the Northern cities.

·       Likewise, if you don’t have a house large enough to host a wedding (or if you live in an apartment), you still have options. If you choose the right wedding venue, you can actually create that backyard vibe even if you’re not actually at home. A long rectangular table (or a bunch of smaller, round ones arranged closely to each other), a wedding tent, cozy and comforting foods served family-style – these elements will make your wedding venue feel a lot more familiar and comfortable for everyone invited. Remember though, if you want a small wedding, you should make sure the venue is not too large – otherwise, you might end up with a space that is obviously empty (which tends to make the event feel less “backyard-esque”).

·       There are also cases when brides don’t necessarily want a backyard wedding, but a themed one – but their own backyard makes a lot more sense from a financial point of view. Again, it can be all done with the right décor. For instance, if you want a rustic barn-like wedding in your own backyard, opt for dark rental furniture, use simple table linens and runners, and bring in a lot of greenery.