How to Have a Really Fun Wedding Reception

Ideas for fun wedding receptions

Ideas for fun wedding receptions

There’s nothing like a fun wedding – with love in the air and good vibes hitting everyone, a good wedding will stick to people’s memory just like their favorite stories do.

Yet, how do you actually plan a genuinely fun wedding reception? We’ve gathered some tips to help you make the most of your Big Day – so read on if you’re searching for inspiration.

·       Include a small lounge area. While a lot of guests will want to dance all night long on great music, there will be some who will just want to chit-chat and connect with other people. That’s perfectly fine, as long as they’re feeling great – and to help them do that, you should definitely include a small lounge area somewhere farther away from the noise. Don’t forget to include nice décor here as well!

·       Don’t forget about the young guests – and by “young”, we mean very young. There’s a whole lot of fun activities you can plan for the children invited at your wedding. You could give them disposable cameras and ask them to take pictures. You could organize an entire table just for them, with fun games and coloring pages. You could even hire an entertainer just for the little ones. Put a smile on their faces and you’ll make their parents feel much better too!

·       Plan great food. Really. People love good food and it’s an absolute basic at any wedding. Don’t forget though: you can really go beyond the traditional wedding foods and include fun comfort foods everyone loves. Even more, including a DIY food station is an excellent idea – people will just line up to customize their own doughnuts, ice cream, wraps, or mashed potatoes.

·       Forget about the long toasts. Keep them short, sweet, and funny – and make sure anyone who speaks at your wedding is well aware of your timing as well. Everyone loves hearing nice words about the bride and groom – but long speeches tend to bore, and that’s the last thing you want at the very beginning of your wedding reception.

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