Considering a black & white wedding?

black and white weddings

black and white weddings

Considering a Black and White Wedding? Hear These Tips Out, Then!

Many people believe black and white can easily become boring, especially when used for the décor of a wedding. However, that is not entirely true.

At the end of the day, pulling off a black and white wedding in New Mexico can make a huge statement and it can be just the kind of event that will always be timeless.

How do you do it, though? What are some of the black and white elements you could play around with when creating your wedding? We have some tips for you – read on if you want to find out more.

·       You don’t have to go full-black with the accessories. A black wedding belt or bow may feel slightly outdated, but a pair of black crystal earrings or a clutch purse with black and white Swarovski crystals encrusted in it will look timelessly classy. In fact, this kind of black and white accessories are bound to make you feel like a Hollywood diva in the 40s.

·       You really don’t have to ruin white flowers and paint them black either. You can just have a simple white flower-based bouquet and wrap it in something black (we’d stay away from satin, as that can feel outdated as well). Or, if you want that pop of darkness in your actual bouquet as well, choose white anemones for it. They have a darker center that is very close to black – and they are bound to look absolutely elegant as part of your black and white wedding too.

·       If you cannot wear a lot of black (although you totally can, because even designers are coming up with GORGEOUS black wedding dresses), your bridesmaids surely can. In fact, they will be happy to wear black – and from a number of points of view. Not only is black universally flattering, but your super-ladies will definitely find it easy to wear a black dress to any other event as well. Plus, black dresses come in all fabrics, styles, and lengths imaginable, so you can definitely find something that coordinates them, so that your bridesmaids look great in the pictures.