These Tips Will Help You Set Realistic Expectations from Your Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids' expectations

Bridesmaids' expectations

With all the stress and the anxiety of planning a New Mexico wedding, things can easily get out of hands – and you can very easily slip into a mental breakdown that could affect your relationships with the people around you.

As some of your closest friends, your bridesmaids are most likely of becoming the target of your Bridezilla moments.

Sure, they will take it and they will understand you and the situation you’re in – but how can you avoid these moments from even happening?

·       They are there to help you. They really are. They will lick the stamps, they will help you choose the dress, and they will nicely attend their own fitting sessions too. They will help you pick the perfect color palette and bombard you with wedding ideas when you have just gotten engaged. They will support even the ideas they don’t particularly like because they understand this is YOUR wedding day and you’re allowed to plan it exactly as you want. However, please understand your bridesmaids have lives of their own, so they might not be able to dedicate all of their free time to your wedding tasks – set a realistic expectation there.

·       They are there to make you happy on the Big Day. They will dance with you, they will make sure you eat something, they will help you dress up, and they will join you in the ladies’ room. They will carry around your SOS kit and help you when Uncle Johnny gets a tad too tipsy for a classy event. They will absolutely LOVE you to the end of the world and back, not just on your wedding day, but every other day before that and after that – and you can surely expect them to be there for you when you need a shoulder to lean on.

·       They are there to cover some expenses too. Your bridesmaids will pay for some of the expenses – and not just for their dresses. They might chip in for you to have a really fun bachelorette party and a touchy, beautiful bridal shower too. However, do set realistic expectations when it comes to this as well: your bridesmaids may not have a fortune to spend on your wedding, so make sure to not burden them too much.