Avoid Bridal Beauty Issues with These Tips

beauty tips

beauty tips

All brides want to look fantastic on their Big Day – and you probably make no exception whatsoever, right?

Of course, you have picked the perfect dress and the daintiest jewelry, you have a bouquet that will emphasize your gentleness and femininity, and your pair of high heels is just high enough to make you walk graciously, but not too high to prevent you from dancing (or walking, at all).

What are some other, small, but very important things you should do to avoid any kind of bridal beauty disasters on your New Mexico wedding day? We have some tips of advice for you – continue reading and find out more.

·       Don’t drink or eat anything black, even more so if you have whitened your teeth for the wedding. Coffee, tea, chocolate, blueberries – they’re all delicious, but you want your smile to look pristine and shiny on your wedding day, and this kind of foods have a high staining risk.

·       Don’t pluck your eyebrows on the DAY OF. Do it about 2 or 3 days before that, to avoid redness or simply rushing through things. Yes, your brows need to be on fleek – but plucking them on the wedding day can turn into a disaster.

·       Don’t wash your hair on the morning of. This may sound completely weird to you, but it’s really important actually. Freshly washed hair tends to be less easy to work with, and it will be less likely to hold in a specific hairstyle. This depends a lot on your particular type of hair, but it might be much better for you to wash it one day before the Big Day, and then use dry shampoo on the day of to add texture and freshness to it.

·       Generally, avoid doing anything new with a couple of weeks before the wedding. New soaps, new face creams, new facial treatments, new haircolors – they should be avoided at all costs. It’s not that you don’t have great ideas or that you don’t use amazing products – it’s just that sometimes, things can go wrong when you least expect it and it’s best if you avoid the risks altogether.