You Probably Want to Avoid These Foods at Your Wedding

Avoid these foods at reception

Avoid these foods at reception

Food is a quintessential element in every wedding, regardless of how large or small, regardless of how formal or informal, regardless of the wedding theme and even regardless of the location.

In many ways, food is the universal bride between various wedding traditions – so you definitely want your New Mexico wedding menu to be very thoroughly planned.

What are some foods you should avoid when planning your summer wedding menu, though? We have some tips for you – read on and find out more.

·       All kinds of soft desserts, chocolate, or chocolate-based desserts. We get it: chocolate is magical. And more than that, it is scientifically proven to boost the happiness hormones in our body. However, chocolate doesn’t do well in high heat – it can get really nasty, it can go bad, and it can just lose its appeal.

·       Foods that melt. Those fabulous buttercream wedding cakes are amazing, and they taste even better. However, if you want to serve a buttercream cake at your Big Day, DO make sure it’s well-kept in a cooled, closed area. Heat and insects just don’t do well with foods that melt easily (and yes, this type of cake definitely falls into that category).

·       Soda of any kind. Nothing’s more refreshing than a can of soda on a hot day, but the truth is that the extra-sugar in fuzzy drinks can very easily attract insects (and they can be not just annoying, but downright dangerous for guests who might be allergic to bee or wasp venom, for example). As a replacement, think of large containers filled with fruited water. Or, if you want to settle for the fancy option, think of non-alcoholic cocktails – they are amazing and they are suitable for all ages.

·       Smelly foods. Nobody can say no to smelly cheese or seafood. But during summer, these foods can turn your guests 180 degrees away from the buffet. To make sure no nasty odors kick into your wedding day, avoid any kind of smelly foods. It’s just the best thing to do given the high temperatures outside!