These Mother of the Bride Duties Will Make Her so Happy!

Special ides to include your mom

Special ides to include your mom

Regardless of how your parents participate in the financial side of the wedding, they will definitely want to help you have a fantastic wedding day. Of course, you want them to be happy too – so you will be searching for the perfect tasks to keep them busy and make them feel involved in this special event in your life.

What are some of the best mother of the bride tasks that are bound to make her happy? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·       Ask her to walk down the aisle with you (together with your father). Tradition dictates that the father gives away the bride – but this is a custom rooted in patriarchy, so if you are not necessarily compatible with these ideas, why not ask your mom to join in as well? She will feel honored!

·       Take a multi-generation picture with her and your grandma. These photos are always filled with emotion and grace, so she will be more than happy to participate in this special photo shooting (and so will your grandma, of course!).

·       Steal something from her wedding. It may be photos of her Big Day that you use for the table décor/ table numbers. It may be a small piece of her wedding dress you have transformed in a delicate lace necklace. It may be her wedding song. Whatever it is, it will show her just how much she means to you – and how important her lessons are for your future.

·       Include her best recipe in the wedding menu. Does your mom make heavenly-good cookies? Steal her recipe (or ask her to bake a large batch) and serve them to your wedding guests. The same goes for any type of wedding food your mom has a special recipe for – we guarantee she will feel proud to share it with you for the Big Day!

·       Take her with you to a bridal show. She may not be that savvy searching the Internet for the best wedding DJ, but bridal shows is how she planned her wedding – so she will feel right at home attending them with you. You do need someone to help you stay focused when you’re amidst so many amazing wedding specialists – and your mom might just be the person for the job.