Lovely Bouquet Inspiration for Your Summer Wedding

Bouquet ideas available in New Mexico

Bouquet ideas available in New Mexico

Summer weddings are madly popular for a very wide range of reasons. The chances that you get great weather on your wedding day is just one of the reasons – the wide variety of flowers and fresh ingredients for your wedding menus is another.

Of course, you want everything about your New Mexico summer wedding to be perfect – and obviously, that includes your bridal bouquet too. How do you make sure your bouquet will look fresh throughout the entire day, regardless of how hot it gets outside?

We’ve gathered some suggestions for you – so read on and find out more.

·       Hawaiian Hibiscus. Given that this is the national flower of Hawaii, it would definitely make for a wonderfully resistant option regardless of how hot it gets outside on your wedding day. Plus, this type of bloom comes in a very wide range of colors and it can be included in a million-and-one combinations, so it can definitely work for pretty much any type of wedding.

·       King Protea. This exotic-looking flower is a downright superb choice for pretty much anyone looking for a unique bouquet able to stay fresh in the highest temperatures out there. Combined with the right greenery and maybe even other types of flowers, King Protea will be a superb choice for sophisticated brides who really want to make a statement when they walk down the aisle.

·       Non-flowers. Greenery bouquets, succulent bouquets, plant-based bouquets – they are all very popular right now, and truly, they do make for the most wonderful choice when it comes to bridal bouquets. Plus, these options have no petals – so this means there’s much less likelihood that they will wither when faced with the heat. Not to mention how beautifully original and amazing they look!

·       Garden roses. Believe it or not, you don’t have to break your budget to create a bridal bouquet that will actually be able to stay fresh on a hot summer day. If you’re searching for a true classic, the garden rose is a beautifully romantic choice. The wide variety of colors is definitely appealing!