4 Tips for Those Who Want to Plan their Wedding FAST

planning a wedding quickly

planning a wedding quickly

If you have just gotten engaged, you are probably incredibly excited about the months to come. Indeed, this is a very special time of your life – and you have the right to enjoy every second of your engagement and wedding planning just as you want to.

Of course, most couples choose to take a little more time for the planning of their wedding (in most cases, it takes about one year, but there are some who prolong this period up to two, three, or even more years).

Is it possible to plan the wedding quicker, though? Can you plan a wedding in less than one year?

Yes, you can – and we have gathered some tips to help you do this.

· First and foremost, keep in mind that wedding planning is already stressful as it is – and if you add a ticking clock to the mix, you can easily fall into anxiety. It is extremely important to create a feasible plan – one you feel comfortable with, but one that is realistic for your timeline. And it is extremely important to maintain your focus and actually stick to that plan too. More than anything, make sure you talk to your fiancé and your closest friends and relatives about this and that you have their support – it can make all the difference in the world.

· If you want to plan a wedding in a short amount of time, you want to make sure you have your venue booked by the end of the first or second month of planning at the absolute latest. This will decide your precise wedding date, which in turn dictates when you send out the Save the Dates, when you send the invitations, and when you can finally create a final guest list and start hiring vendors.

· By the end of the third or fourth month of planning, all of your wedding vendors should be booked already (and this includes your makeup artist and your hairstylist as well). Your wedding style should be already set. Your invitations should be sent out.

· Your last couple of months before the wedding should be dedicated entirely to the details that will make the day of your wedding feel amazing – such as the seating chart and the wedding playlist, for example. DO make sure you get your marriage certificate as well – without it, your wedding will not be legally recognized!

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