Wedding Trends That Will Always Be In Style

Trends that never get old

Trends that never get old

Wedding planning can be a bulky and stressful affair. Between bookmarking your wish-list vendors, flipping through wedding guides and making other decisions, we at New Mexico Wedding Expos and Guides admit that it can be pretty difficult to narrow down exactly which wedding trends are stylish for now, and those that you can get away with no matter the year. Your wedding is one event whose photos you will always look back on, so we think that including timeless trends in your wedding is a great way to ensure that your wedding memories remain forever young. Having decided on that, here are a few elements that you can customize and incorporate into your day to create a timeless feel.

·   The Lace Wedding Dress

There's a reason why a lot of royals and celebrities covet a lace wedding dress. Not only is it elegant and inherently romantic, lace on a wedding dress is timeless. If the all-over wedding dress lace is too much for you, why not try a lace-trimmed veil? There are so many fresh ways that lace can be incorporated into your wedding dress to give you the perfect timeless look. The beauty that lace brings to a wedding is evident both in real life and in photos/videos.

·   The Neutral Color Palette

You can't go wrong when it comes to choosing a neutral color palette for your wedding day. Every year comes with lots of on the color palette in vogue but neutral colors like beige, gray, dusty lavender or quirky pink are timeless and can be a great way to go. Complement them with more vibrant flowers or accessories to balance everything out.

·   The Fun Exit

When your wedding ceremony comes to an end, it is usually great to leave on a high note. Whether you leave through a shower of petals or bubbles or hop in a decked out getaway car, creative send offs will always be in style and they also make for amazing photos.

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