Use These Tips to Choose the Very Best Color Scheme for Your Wedding

Color schemes for your wedding

Color schemes for your wedding

The color scheme you choose for your wedding can totally influence the way it will all look, and most importantly, the way you and your guests will actually feel during the wedding.

How do you choose the best color scheme for your wedding, though?

We’ve gathered some tips on this – so keep reading if you want to find out more.

· Think out of the box – and out of the trends. Just because Living Coral is trending in 2019, it doesn’t mean you absolutely have to choose it for your wedding. It can be an older Marsala, or simply green and white if that’s what suits your personality best. Also, if you want your wedding to feel really unique, try to stay away from clichés as well. For instance, a Navy-themed wedding doesn’t have to be all about navy blue, reds, baby blue, and white – start with that as a base and find ways to make it your own!

· Be bold and choose more than two colors. Most brides fall into a trap here, thinking that choosing more than two colors will make the wedding feel incoherent and noisy. However, when chosen correctly, multiple colors combined can look really special and they can give your wedding an amazing, vibrant, welcoming vibe!

· Take your personality into consideration. It doesn’t serve you to have a pink wedding if you’re all about the darker colors – and the other way around. Your personality dictates the décor. Allow your own story and who you really are to shine through the décor by choosing colors that resonate with you. For instance, if you are bubbly and full of humor, the best color combination for you will be one that mirrors that: a bright array of colors that feel energizing and youthful when brought together.

· Take your venue into consideration too. The way the venue is already decorated and the general vibes it sends out should go hand in hand with the actual wedding color scheme. For instance, a rustic venue will not look good with a very urban color scheme, and a museum wedding calls for more muted, earth tones instead of bright punches of color.

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