You Should Definitely Know These Guest List Etiquette Tips!

Guest etiquette tips

Guest etiquette tips

Creating the guest list is one of the first and most important elements of the wedding planning process – and truth be told, it can be one of the most daunting and stressful ones as well.

You want to make sure you plan a wedding that suits your style and taste, but you also want to make sure nobody gets upset.

What do you do? What are some of the essential guest list tips to keep in mind?

· Do you have to invite people whose wedding you attended? Well, it depends. If it happened recently and if you are still close to them, then absolutely yes. If, however, you have drifted apart since their wedding or your wedding is simply smaller than theirs, you might be able to skip including them on the guest list.

· Do you have to invite children? Not if you don’t want to. This is your wedding and you are allowed to choose if you want to make it an adult-only event or not. One of the most delicate ways of doing this is by clearly specifying on the RSVPs who is invited: Mr. and Mrs., or by making it clear the number of seats you’ve reserved for them.

· What if you receive a gift from someone who’s not invited? Believe it or not, this happens. But you shouldn’t feel obliged to invite them to the wedding; much less so if you are planning an intimate event. If you’re in doubt over whether or not this person is expecting an invitation, discuss matters with a common friend or relative who is closer to them. DO make sure to thank them, though!

· Do you have to invite all the relatives of the same group? Yes, absolutely. If you invite one aunt, all of them should be invited to the wedding. This is your family, and chances are that even if you are not close to them, they will find out about you only inviting only one of them, sooner or later. It’s better to avoid this kind of drama in the future!

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