Gifts for the bridal party

Fun bridesmaid’s gifts

Fun bridesmaid’s gifts

So, what to get the team that’s been standing up beside you for so long? It’s tough to find something that fits in your now non-existent budget and is something they’d love. There are sites out there that might be able to get you what you want and for a great price too.

One we found was This is just a way to thank your girls and make them know that you’ve thought about them and appreciate their support during the stressful time of planning a wedding. Then, just for guys, you can go to for ideas.

And they’ve got plenty of gifts that aren’t cliches. The gifts are personalized and something they’ll keep and use. We found a few things we thought were really great ideas - a stemless wine glass with their names on them. Or what about a mason jar?

We ordered the wine glasses and they were an instant hit. Give them a shot or just shop and see what you think.

For more ideas, check out these pinterest pages: