THIS Is How You Make Your Dream Wedding Ceremony Happen

Your wedding ceremony is so, so unique! Although a lot of people focus on the reception alone, the truth is that the ceremony is the very reason the reception is happening – it is the core and the source of the entire wedding. For you, as the bride and groom, your wedding ceremony is the single most important part of the Big Day – so it makes sense that you want it to be perfect.

How can you do that? How to plan a flawless wedding ceremony? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

· Will it be religious? If yes, and if you are not familiar with the religious ceremonies of your culture and denominations, you should find a congregation or place of worship that can guide you through this. Religious ceremonies can be confusing when you are used to something else, so it is very important to have a representative of this religion to show you the ropes and to help you learn everything there is to know about a religious ceremony.

· What style do you want? Do you want your wedding ceremony to be set outside or inside? Do you want your décor to be grand, or do you want something simple and sweet? These are things you should definitely discuss with your fiancé. Take time to learn what each of you dreams of and if necessary, find a middle-ground solution to keep both of you happy.

· You don’t HAVE TO write your own wedding vows. Sure, it’s a nice touch – but not in any way mandatory. If you or your loved one are introverts and you don’t feel confident speaking in public, saying your own wedding vows might sound more terrifying than magical, and that means you’d be missing all the beauty of the ceremony itself. Allow yourselves to be who you are, and if that means going with traditional wedding vows, then so be it. Your ceremony will still be beautiful.

· DO make sure you opt for a very good wedding officiant. Being compatible with your officiant is important. You are putting this person in charge of guiding your entire ceremony – the last thing you would want is to hear them speak about matters that you do not agree with or that don’t match the energy of the day!

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