Wedding Flower Trends That Will Rock 2019

Flowers for weddings

Flowers for weddings

There’s something magical about flowers that makes them truly essential in the art of planning unforgettable weddings.

This is not to say that you can’t plan a wedding without actual blooms – but, in most cases, flowers will make a splash in at least one or two elements of your Big Day.

And if you want to include blooms in your wedding, you’ll definitely want to know about the latest floral wedding trends for 2019. We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

· Poppies. It doesn’t even matter what type of wedding you want. From formal to casual, modern to classic, poppies can be a truly fantastic option for a summer event. Combined with greenery, as stand-alone blooms, or mixed with other flowers, poppies will add a wonderful summer vibe to your entire wedding. Wear them in a popping red bouquet or include them in your décor, and you will LOVE how they look!

· Anemones. Looking for something that has the same delicate vibe of a poppy, but comes in a softer color? Anemones can be such a beautiful choice! White and slightly navy blue/ black around the middle, anemones are feminine and delicate, and they go so very well with weddings (and the white of a bride’s dress) that they are nearly irresistible.

· Nude and pastels. This might not be as much a 2019 wedding flower trend as it is a universal one, but you definitely need to consider it. This year’s all about soft pastels, and this has expanded into flowers as well – so if you want to create a romantic, sweet, delicate wedding vibe, these are the kinds of flower colors you need to look into for your Big Day.

· Elderflowers. Looking for an ultra-fragranced wedding bloom that will look great and smell even better? Elderflower smells like summer, like long walks in the park, like lemonade and sunlight – so it’s a real wonder that it hasn’t been more popular with weddings until now. Definitely consider it for your wedding this year!

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