If You Love GoT, You Will Love These Wedding Ideas!

trendy wedding ideas

trendy wedding ideas

There’s nothing better than a night spent with your loved one, just relaxing and watching TV shows – and this time of the year, in 2019, you are most likely watching Game of Thrones (especially with all the hype surrounding the last season of the series).

If you are GoT fans, have you ever considered personalizing your wedding using inspiration from this very popular TV show?

Well, you can actually do this regardless of how casual or formal your wedding will be – we have gathered some inspiring ideas to help you with this. Read on to find out more.

· Attire and look. You might not want to wear a Queen Cersei-like wedding dress, but you can definitely borrow from the style of the main characters in the movie. For instance, a feminine and sweet white dress inspired by Daenerys’ wardrobe will definitely look great with any spring or summer wedding. Likewise, a hairstyle inspired by the same character is bound to attract all the attention and make you feel ultra-feminine and beautiful too!

· Stationery. There’s so much you can do with your wedding stationery to breathe some Game of Thrones ice and fire into their design! No, this does not mean you have to create something that is 100% like anything in the show – but borrowing quotes (such as “moon of my life”), house logos, or simply playing with concepts from the series will work marvelously well. Furthermore, you can personalize your day-of stationery according to the same concept too: you can, for example, re-name your tables based on the GoT houses.

· Food and Drink. We don’t get much detailed info about the food served in Game of Thrones – but serving something inspired by the medieval opulence will surely make people think of the series (especially when combined with other GoT motifs as well). Consider serving Cornish game hens instead of chicken or Mead instead of wine. It’s all how you interpret the details and make them your own.

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