Newly Engaged and Getting Married Next Year? Here Are Some Important Wedding Dress Trends!

Wedding trends for this year

Wedding trends for this year

Congratulations on your engagement! If you have decided that you want to get married in 2020, you want to make sure you start planning as soon as possible, especially since some of your wedding elements might take a bit more time.

For instance, ordering a wedding dress can sometimes take months – this does not include the time required to actually find the dress, or the time needed to alter it.

So, it makes perfect sense that the 2020 wedding dress trends are already out, right?

What are some of the most notable trends we’ll see next year? Read on and find out more.

· Renaissance vibes. If you want to look really beautiful and slightly over the top on your wedding day, you will love the idea of borrowing from the fashion trends of the Renaissance time period – off the shoulder bouffant-sleeved dresses, flared sleeves, triangular shapes, long trains, intricate wedding dress details, and so on.

· Hollywood vibes. If you want to look glamorous, but steal inspiration from days a bit more recent than the Renaissance, how about the Hollywood Golden Age? A slight sweetheart neckline on a structured dress with just a few folds, made from a luxurious silk or satin is a fantastic way to borrow from the Hollywood Golden Age. Sleek, elegant and timeless are words best used to describe this era, so you know you are safe looking for inspiration from this time period.

· Crochet lace. Lace has always been and will continue to be a really popular choice for wedding dresses – but in 2020, it is crochet lace that wins the game. Delicate and sweet, comfortable and opulent, yet still quite homey and warm, this lace is a special combination that incorporates both elegance and the boho chic style. You will love it!

· Blazers. Want to look chic and modern on your wedding day? Consider wearing a blazer – either on top of your dress (yes, this can work!) or simply on top of a pair of trousers and a nice top (maybe even something that incorporates crochet lace, for example?). This modern look will be perfect for brides who want to make a real statement at their wedding.

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