Your Maid of Honor Deserves a Great Hairstyle! Here Are Some Ideas!

Maid of honor hairstyles

Maid of honor hairstyles

As the bride, you want your best friend, your Maid of Honor, to look fantastic on the wedding day – she is afterall your bestie and she will reflect your own style.

Obviously, choosing a pretty dress for the Maid of Honor and the other bridesmaids is important. But have you considered the hairstyle your Maid of Honor should wear? If you two are currently searching for inspiration in this direction, be sure to read on, because we have gathered some of the very best styles foe a Maid of Honor.

· Flowers in her hair. Although flower crowns are very popular for bridesmaids and Maids of Honor, they are not the only way flowers can be incorporated in a wedding style. An easy, fresh, and super-feminine way of pulling this off is by simply embedding blooms in a braid – or, if your MoH is curly-haired, you could simply ask her to embed some flowers in her hair, here and there. It will look so fantastic, especially for a summer wedding!

· Leaving the hair down. This is one of the easiest and most feminine hairstyles for a Maid of Honor – so do not hesitate to suggest it to your friend. With a bit of texture and maybe even some very soft curls, your Maid of Honor will surely feel amazing on your wedding day! This style is particularly suitable for V-neck dresses, and, in general, dresses that reveal a bit more skin up top.

· Half up, half down, with a twist. The classic half up half down hairstyle can look really pretty, and it can be very comfortable too (especially for a Maid of Honor, who might have to run around to help you with various tasks on the wedding day). If you want your MoH to wear something sophisticated, ask her to add a twist to her “half up” side – it will instantly elevate the style and make it more unique. Your Maid of Honor will LOVE wearing this!

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