Fun Wedding Ideas Everyone Will Surely LOVE

Fun wedding ideas

Fun wedding ideas

Your wedding is bound to be a really amazing event in your life – but as the bride and groom, you most definitely want everyone else to feel the same as you do too.

Of course, you want to plan the kind of entertainment that makes your Big Day unforgettable and fun for everyone invited – but what are some of the freshest and most entertaining ideas out there?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

· Organize a treasure hunt. Give people a fun activity to do with friends and relatives they have not seen in some time, and you have a recipe for memorable moments that your guests will love. Your treasure hunt doesn’t have to take too much time – something simple and fun will do the trick and keep your guests smiling. And if there’s a special prize in the game, your guests are bound to absolutely love it.

· Organize a karaoke party. Again, this doesn’t have to take up the entire reception – it can be a short contest with just a few songs included on it. People will definitely love showing off their singing talent, and, again, they will have even more fun if there’s some sort of prize at the end!

· Organize a DIY drink bar. Give your guests the best ingredients for a few famous cocktails and they will have so much fun mixing their favorites! Be sure to check with your venue and caterer first though. Some states have liquor laws that prevent guests from mixing drinks. If that’s the case, you can always offer a DIY garnish bar or non-alcoholic DIY bar. Either way, your guest will surely love getting creative with this.

· Organize an ice cream stall. Or simply hire an ice cream van to “accidentally” stop by your wedding location. There’s nothing that puts a larger smile on people’s faces than good ice cream – and this is the kind of sweet treat that works fantastically well for hot summer weddings, so you are bound to get some serious love and appreciation from your guests for the sweet, icy surprise.

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