A Brief Guide on Wedding Tables

Banquet tables for your reception

Banquet tables for your reception

As the bride and groom, you want to make sure your wedding looks flawless from start to finish – and in order for that to happen, you’ll want to carefully plan out all the key parts of your Big Day.

Of course, your wedding tables are an important part of your wedding – both when it comes to appearance (they are big part of your décor), and function (their shape and how they are arranged can dramatically impact your reception).

So what are some of the more important things to consider when selecting your wedding tables? What basics should you know before you venture out to pick your wedding tables?

· Round and square. These are the most popular types of wedding tables out there (with the round ones being more common, followed by square tables). They are perfect for those of you who want to arrange people in smaller groups at each table, and they are usually associated with more elegant weddings (e.g. you are less likely to see them at rustic weddings).

· Long and rectangular. This type of table has grown in popularity of the past couple of years, primarily due to trends like family style dinners and bringing people closer together. A long and rectangular table can be very elegant or it can be suitable for a country chic wedding too, depending on the décor you use for it (generally, though, the shorter, rectangular tables are preferred when it comes to farm weddings because they create a sense of intimacy and closeness.

· The King’s Table. This is not a shape of table per se. It refers to the table where the bride, the groom, the Maid of Honor, the Best Man, and the rest of the wedding party are traditionally seated. Normally, this table is long and rectangular, and it is positioned in a way that allows the people seated there to see the entire room. It’s where the toasts will be performed, so all the guests should a good view of this table.

· The Sweethearts’ Table. This is a smaller table, usually destined just for the bride and groom. The idea behind this table is allow guests to top by and congratulate the bride and groom, while allowing them to enjoy things together. It’s not that common these days. Another alternative is leave two empty seats at the other tables in the room so the bride and groom can easily visit and spend time at each table throughout the night, providing an easy way to socialize with guests.

· The Kid’s Table. While many weddings are organized with children sitting by their parents, some offer a lower-height table for kids old enough to eat independently but not ready for a spot at the grown-up tables. One advantage of this approach is that you can decorate the Kid’s Table with crayons and butcher paper placements or pads (like this one), thereby keeping the little ones entertained a bit longer while giving their parents more time to enjoy the reception. Children’s gift bags can also include be included with additional small toys to keep them entertained even longer!

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