If You are Planning a Destination Wedding, here are some Tips

Destination weddings

Destination weddings

Destination weddings can be unforgettable, especially when you choose a location in New Mexico you have always loved!

However, it is important to acknowledge that destination weddings come with their own rules and etiquette. We have gathered some important information to keep in mind when it comes to planning your destination wedding.

· The Save the Date cards. With a non-destination wedding, you would normally send out Save the Dates three to four months before the actual Big Day. With destination weddings, however, you need to consider the fact that your guests need to make travel arrangements (transportation, accommodation, vacation days from work, and so on). Therefore, you should send the cards sooner, usually eight to twelve months before the wedding.

· The invitations. You do not have to include extra information on the actual invitation, but it is expected that you have a comprehensive website with travel information for your guests – accommodation options, an itinerary or timeline, a map and or GPS coordinates for them to get around easily.

· The guest list. In general, destination weddings tend to be a little smaller than non-destination weddings – and that is usually because not everyone will be able to travel for your Big Day. If you want to, it is totally acceptable to throw a separate party for everyone who couldn’t be there to celebrate with you, somewhere close to home.

· The meals. Normally, you are not required to pay for your guests’ meals (aside from the actual wedding food). However, you might want to show your appreciation for their effort by paying for an extra meal – like a welcome dinner or a brunch after the wedding, for example.

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