Giving your Toast: The Definitive Guide

Go to for more info, advice and unique gifts

Go to for more info, advice and unique gifts

We like to search all over to see where the best help for you and planning your wedding might be found. And we’ve found that the giving Toasts part of the evening often leaves something to be desired. It’s a pain point and wanted to find a way to help you figure out what’s the best way to give a toast - whether you’re the brother or the maid of honor or the best man.

So we’ve found one spot that seems to have good points for everyone. So check them out and see what you think too. It’s called Best Man Speech: The Definitive Guide to Smashing It -

Some of the best take-aways are:

1 - Know what you’re going to say in advance. Rambling and winging it are overrated, at best

2 - Keep positive. No one came for a roast.

3 - Don’t bring up old relationships, past wild times or inside jokes that no one else will get.

So practice and have fun with it. It’s all about the celebration.