Fall Wedding? Check Out These Tips!

Fall weddings

Fall weddings

While a lot of couples settle for a spring or summer date when it comes to their wedding, it is perfectly understandable why you might want to tie the knot in the fall. The less crowded destinations, the chance of an Indian summer day, the colors of the season and its amazing magic and vibes – they can all sway you to the idea of planning a fall wedding.

What are some of the essentials you should keep in mind when planning a fall wedding, though?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

· Your wedding colors don’t have to be yellow and orange. Sure, you can include them and they will definitely match the season. However, consider others as well: darker shades of red (such as Marsala), purples and lavenders, greys, navy blue, and so on. They can look stunning combined with the energy of the season, so you should definitely think of them!

· If you want an outdoor wedding, do make sure you have a plan B. This is valid for any season you may choose for your wedding, but when it comes to fall, weather can be even trickier. You can either get a gorgeously sunny day or a rainy one – so it is important to have an indoor space (or some sort of wedding tent) in place in case it rains.

· DO take advantage of the fall touches. The foliage and the flowers can be absolutely stunning during the fall, and the food is more than delicious. Incorporate fall elements into your Big Day and it will look good and taste amazing, that’s for certain.

· Consider the holidays. Thanksgiving and Halloween are among the most important holidays in the calendar. On the one hand, this means you can borrow elements from them for your wedding, but on the other hand, it also means that you might not have as many available guests as you would want to (especially on Thanksgiving, since this is when everyone has plans with their family). Weigh in the options and decide which option is best for you!

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