Small vs Big Bridal Party: Which One Is Best for you?

small or big wedding party?

small or big wedding party?

Your bridesmaids are very important to you, they are, after all, your best friends and your closest relatives!

What happens when you can’t decide on whether you want a small bridal party or a large one? When is each of these options a good solution?

· Large wedding parties are usually considered necessary when the guest list is longer. Why? Because one of the main parts your bridesmaids should play during the Big Day is being your right hands. They will have to chit chat with guests and help them if they need it. So, the more guests there are, the larger the bridal party should be.

· If you have a lot of friends and don’t want to make anyone feel left out, you will most likely want to have a large bridal party as well. Your besties will appreciate it if you invite them to be part of your wedding day!

· Obviously, if your wedding plan is more intricate and you feel that you might need more help, it is more than OK to have more bridesmaids as well. They can help with a variety of small tasks (and large!), so that you can focus on the larger picture.

· Smaller wedding parties are usually associated with smaller weddings. If you want to have an intimate event and don’t want to invite everyone to it, a few bridesmaids will be more than enough. Even more, if you want to avoid fights and if you want to avoid the chaos of organizing a large group of bridesmaids (each with their own view and understanding on… everything), you should settle on a smaller wedding party as well.

· Things used to be a lot stricter when it came to the size of the bridal party, but now, etiquette is pretty relaxed when it comes to it. In the end, it’s all up to you – this is your wedding, so you make (most of) the rules!

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